Friday, January 9, 2015

Book Review: HALO: Contact Harvest

HALO: Contact Harvest
Greg Bear and Joseph Staten

Book Review By: Jack Benjamin, 8th Grade Student

It is the 26th Century. The United Nations Space Command colonized a habitable planet named Harvest. Harvest, a peaceful, prosperous farming colony, is on the very edge of human-controlled space. All seemed well, until the Covenant came…
The Covenant is a Empire made of several Alien races, led by a race known as the San' Shyuum, a group of deceitful, biased, and religious leaders. Humanity is now about to go into a war; not against each other, but a common enemy: the Covenant.

This Novel follows Staff Sergeant Avery J. Johnson, a UNSC Marine. He and his fellow soldier, Petty Officer 1st Class Healy, UNSC Navy, are about to become the first UNSC Soldiers to come face to face with the Covenant.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book- not because I play the game and not because it is just about war. Not only was it was well written and well thought out, I loved it because it put me in a universe where humanity’s existence is at stake and where surrender is not an option. I have always been wondering about what type of organisms or creatures are in space; this book gave me possibilities on what could be out there.

I sometimes wonder what could be out there, deep in space… Maybe a Covenant… Maybe other habitable planets… We will know sooner than you think...

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